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Past Projects

Moving to another continent April 2009

There is no website to visit or pictures to look at, but this was a big time project nevertheless. Over the last couple of months we moved from Germany to California. We didn't actually move that long, but shutting down essential processes in one country and booting them up in another one requires quite some time, coordination, and help from friends. At the same time, I had to write my master's thesis and find a job, both non trivial tasks. But anyway, we have made it and it definitely was worth it.

Master's Thesis (March 2009)

Quite a bit of work was put into my master's thesis, but it feels unfinished to me. I consider it as a good start, but many more steps can be taken. But since I will not pursue a PhD for now, I leave it to somebody else to decide whether one or the aspect of my work is of some value to future work. The results are placed into the public domain and can be found at

Homemade Raft (August 2008)

Always finding a reason to try something new, we built a homemade raft at a stag night (or rather day). Check out the pictures and videos we made at the project page. The pages are in german, but the pictures and videos will say more than words can do.

Python Memory Usage Profiler (May 2008)

As a participant in Google's Summer of Code, I have the time to spend three months with creating a memory usage profiler for Python. If you are interested, there is a blog, where I try to document my progress.

Greencard Lottery a.k.a. Diversity Visa (April 2008)

Among many applicants (over 6.4 million), I was lucky enough to win a diversity visa (DV) in the 2008 diversity immigrant visa program. Because I had so many questions regarding the program, deadlines, restrictions, ect, I assume others to have similar questions. To help you finding information faster, I have written down my experiences. You can find them here. (August 2007)

Blog time! Since there is some spare time I decided to play around with blogs. I always was curious what it takes to run a popular blog, have a high number of visitors (from the administrators perspective), and never really got it how people could make a living out of blogging.
The blog can be found at It is a rather technical blog about problems and their solutions I had to cope with, so it's not likely to become as popular as these how to I get my work organized soft-skill blogs. But it might do. And again, I am just curious.

Open Reusable Object Model (July 2007)

During one of my lecture I implemented the Open Resuable Object Model , an adaptable object model in Python. It was introduced by Ian Piumarta and I really like it because of its simplicity, but it is still so very powerfull. Really cool. If you are interested you can download the source code , a short presentation about the model or check out the paper by Piumarta.

Sliding Gallery (August 2006)

The sliding gallery was my last mayor Javascript project. I couldn't find any cool JS-based gallery components online and started to develop my own. As it is with many such fun projects, I didn't find the time to continue it, and now it lives on as a memory on the web .. (April 2006)

Server administration is a hobby but can also be a full-time job. Together with Lukas we administrate a Debian-based server and host several websites. It gives us the geek-factor and tons of fun while hacking. Check it out at

CaCMS (February 2006)

A Content Management System (CMS) developed by Lukas. It is based on the Java servlet technology and allows is a pretty neat project. I was helping out once in while, but am "only" a user by now. You can find and download it at

SF Peninsula Guide (November 2005)

The SF Peninsula Guide is a Wiki a started when doing my internship in the Bay Area. I needed some place where I could store all the great "ToDo's" for California and it developed into something bigger than expected, being a guide for other people new to the Bay Area and the U.S. in general.
play asteroids - instructions: Steer with the arrow-keys. Shoot with space. [from erkie]