Every application is unique because everyone lives her and his own life. Thus some aspects of my application will differ from what others have experienced and from what you will experience. The following lines describe what I think was special about my application. You might find some points that fit your circumstances while other will not apply to you.

At first, I lived throughout the entire visa process in Germany. This means that the time schedule, mail correspondence, consulate appointments, medical examinations, and so on are based on the physical location of Germany. These things are most likely different if you are located in a different country or a citizen of a different country.

At the time of my application I was a student with more than two years to study to finish my degree. This means I was bound to Germany for longer period of time and not ready to move right away.

At the time of my application I was engaged, but not married. After I got selected for a good position on the DV list, we married. This means we married after I got selected, but before the visa was issued.

While writing these pages I decided that I won't write down every piece information that can be valuable to you. Why? Because the important stuff has been written down already. Instead I will try to provide a mix of general information, nice-to-knows and a some of my personal experience.

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