Round 4 - Immigration Officer Interview

In April 2008, we flew to the U.S.A. We had to activate the visa within six months, and December was already five months past. As instructed, we brought our

Once we left the plane, we lined up in the citizens section. For the first time, we did not use the visitors line and it felt strange. The officer was very friendly. After he had opened the envelopes and verified the paperwork, he welcomed us to the U.S. and directed us to a separate office.

In this office we were asked to provide a fingerprint and a signature. Nothing else. We expected some kind of a last interview round, more questions regarding our future plans and intentions, but nothing. We were through.

Four weeks later our permanent resident cards arrived.

So this is how we got a greencard. As I told you before, this was my story and yours is likely to be different. But I hope you have got an impression of what to expect. You will find the most important documents in the document section and further links in the links section.